Ziua Recunoștinței

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Ora de ... creație


Școala românească nu poate evolua fără a integra toate tipurile de educații și nici nu se poate plasa în antiteză cu acestea. Ziua Recunoștinței a oferit un foarte bun pretext de a-i provca pe elevii ștefaniști să facă dovada că pe lângă cunoștințe riguroase sunt și deținătorii gândirii creative dublate de imaginaţie, că sunt "practicanți" ai spiritului de  colaborare și că au dezvoltate abilităţi de exprimare figurativă în limba engleză.

 În echipaje formate de câte patru, elevii din clasele a IX-a B,C,D,F și a XI-a B au trebuit să compună în limba engleză, o poezie de cel puţin două catrene cu titlul On Gratitude. Deși toate lucrările au ca temă centrală importanța verbalizării recunoștinței, perspectiva, viziunea şi abordarea prozodică au rămas la latitudinea creatorilor. Echipele au avut la dispoziţie 50 de minute pentru a-şi concretiza creaţiile. În poeziile lor elevii au avut obligaţia de a folosi opt cuvinte în posesia cărora au intrat prin tragere la sorți, la începutul activităţii. Lucrările au fost evaluate de profesorii din catedra de limbi moderne a CNSCM Suceava.

Implicarea elevilor în această activitate a produs bucurie, a facilitat dezvoltarea sau șlefuirea unor competențe de comunicare deja existente, a generat relaţii de prietenie reală între elevi, a oferit un nou cadru de dezvoltare și afirmare a personalităţii acestora și nu în ultimul rând a contribuit la diluarea concentrației de tensiune între profesor-elev.

Spre exemplificare vă oferim mostre de lirism apreciate de profesorii – evaluatori  cu premiul întâi.

Long, long time ago,

as sun unveiled,

some English took their package

and on the sea they fled.

On their dangerous way,

lots of them cracked away.

They hardly survived

when on the shore, they once arrived, weak.

Their souls were tamed by the liberty taboo.

Frankly, the people partied

giving thanks to the natives.

Autori: David Turturean, Andrei Cibotariu, Răzvan Nistor, Alexandru Bănilean – clasa a IX-a B


It's time for you to unveil

an unknown tale

of a time of great labour

when wealth was a rare flower.

Taboo called by some

that as a joke may come

when a decent man

tells it in a short span

A child once received a package

and to be grateful was a challenge.

But I doubt I should continue

so, we will postpone the issue.

Autori: Alexandru Franciuc, Șerban Maereran, Bogdan Simion, Matei Ventoniuc – clasa a XI-a B


Ladies and gentlemen, we need your attention!

It's time for a new age!

It's time for us to turn the page!

Ladies and gentlemen, we want your collection!

Your collection of memories!

These memories are as valualable as money

Because they are very, very funny.

Get over the fence of your mind!

And stop being so blind!

Stop living in the past or future!

And be grateful for the frame of memories

That  you can create now!

Autori: Aurel Bîrliba, Raluca Moloci, Dana Hudema, Călin Semeniuc – clasa a IX-a B


In this world

you can't take

everything as a joke.

It's too harsh

when you don't see the dawn, but you see the twilight,

the darkness of the night.

But we, the clay dolls

don't see the bad in this world

because we use our words

and shape the answers

to our own prayers.

But, the life He gave to us,

the decent life we think we are living

we are blowing it away

waiting for our wishes.

Autori: Dennis Avram, Călin Belibou, Calista Iurescu, Delia Solovăstru – clasa a IX-a B


There is no doubt that this poem collection

will attract your attention.

Today it' s Thanksgiving Day

So, the turkey's on the way

and it's also in the menu.

If we are turning the page,

we see desserts full of taste.

Unfortunately, there's no sign

that the turkey arrives in time.

We hope we won't see twilight in the sky.

Autori: Darius Mazilu, Tiberiu Florișteanu, Miruna Cozorici, Cosmina Istrate – clasa a IX-a C


Time was framed.

Money was blamed.

The package is missing.

The crack is still bleeding.

The page was turned,

And lessons were learned.

But after all this pain,

we had a lot to gain.

God helped us all.

We stopped feeling small.

Our bruises were healed.

Our dreams were achieved.

Autori: Georgiana Bilan, Cristina Ghiuță, Laura Puiu, Miruna Vartic – clasa a IX-a D


To crack the veil of the ungrateful

that party, dream and are not shameful,

To tame the weak and sinful soul

the package of revenge to them you throw.

Teach them how to feel the warmth

from the moment they were born.

The helpers that got them through life.

The lessons that made them evolve right.

Unveil the mystery of living

On the beautiful day of Thanksgiving!

Autori: Taisia Verciuc, Ștefan Istrate, Geanina Mareniuc, Ioana Georgescu – clasa a IX-a B


I partied, felt good, had fun

not by drowning my sorrows in rum.

I tamed my fears, my struggles.

I became my own leader.

I washed my bruises and frankly smiled

at the dying stars that dragged me in the dark.

I learned my lesson.

I got hit by barriers.

And understood the meaning of the one

that told me once:

if the world gives you a sign,

take advantage and fly!

Fly away from this dying world!

Sharpen your minds as the winds blow!

Autori: Claudia Anchidin, Cătălina Șapcă, Ovidiu Ciocan, Alin Iacoban – clasa a XI-a B


We are thankful for

this letter from

the president of

a better form

of "ride or die"

about how wealthy I can

be if I speak

on taboo subjects and whatnot

joking about loose tongues that can't talk,

but being reminded

that life can turn around

at any given, slight

opportunity to share at the twilight.

Autori: Delia Demușca, Carmen Trifina, Maria Terteliu– clasa a IX-a D


It has been a harsh day

and a prank call has been made.

I answered and it was a decent joke

but I didn't enjoy it, not at all.

John invited me to a Turkey party,

but he wanted to crak it smartly.

I hung up on him and I learned that every bad thing is returned.

Whenever I hear the word "turkey"

I am always smiling with gratitude and smirkly.

Autori: Ioana Bistriceanu, Bianca Tîrnovan, Viviana Bivol, Mihaela Stratu – clasa a IX-a C


Living as a thief  under the shadow of wealth,

I would daily peer into the eyes of death.

I was too loose, not knowing of taboos,

of the weak ones I would often abuse

Until, one day, a stranger has unveiled

the truth about God which to reach me before had failed.

I discovered what it means to be good and wish well

Thank you God for saving me from hell!

Autori: Andrea Mîndrescu, Daria Clem, Mădălina Mătăsaru, Alexandra Spânu – clasa a IX-a C


                                                                                                  Prof. Alina Crețu